Why Choose Natural Products Import Export Inc. 

You always need a good reason to choose a company to serve you. With Natural Products Import-Export Inc., you have more than one good reason. Indeed, Natural Products Import-Export Inc. has a solid reputation when it comes to serve its clients. “Client satisfaction” is our key word. In order to have our clients satisfied we make sure they always get what they ask for. In most cases, we even go the “extra mile”.

  • Quality: Quality comes first. Quality is, in fact, one of the most important things we can offer our clients. Most of our products are grown in the very naturally fertile land of Ivory Coast and do not need chemicals. We provide you with organic products.
  • Price: Good quality doesn’t necessarily mean very high price. Just try us. We can provide you with a quotation whenever needed. Our prices are amongst the lowest on the market. Why would you pay more when you can pay less for the same results?
  • Trust: Our solid reputation is built on the confidence we establish with our clients. In some cases, generally for the first transactions, the client would not spend a single penny until the goods get to his door.
  • Flexibility: With our Supply Chain and Logistics network, we can accommodate deliveries to your needs. From the packaging to the payment terms, through the transportation mode and the delivery place, we can be as flexible as possible to satisfy our clients’ needs.
    As well, in some cases, we are able to manage inventory and storage for our clients.
  • Delivery Timeframe: With our flexibility, we are able to either “make to order” or “make to stock”, which helps us to deliver on time, depending on what our clients want. Just-in-time production and on-time delivery are amongst the main reasons of our success.