About Natural Products Import Export Inc.

Natural Products Import-Export Inc. is an international trading corporation focusing mainly on agricultural (natural food) products. We are represented in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast / West Africa). Natural Products Import-Export Inc. is led by a young Canadian entrepreneur who is originally from Ivory Coast. That gives us a solid knowledge of the needs, cultures, consumption habits, and economic realities of both North America and West Africa. We have partnerships and agreements with several farmers, cooperatives, private plantation owners along with food manufacturers and distributors in both Africa and America. Whether you need some coconuts, cashew nuts, coffee (Robusta) or coffee husks, ginger (raw or ground), cassava (transformed or raw),…..we can have them available to you. Also, with our global Supply Chain & Logistics network (a wide variety of suppliers, partners, carriers, freight forwarders mainly located in America and Africa), we are able to deliver your products at your door. We always make sure our clients receive from us the best quality products with the best prices. We do things better, faster and cheaper. We are currently working on covering the Asian and European continents as well.

Mission and vision:

Natural Products Import-Export Inc. is willing to be a solid bridge between the offer and the demand across oceans. In one hand, we open the world to all the Ivory Coast local natural food products suppliers. In the other hand we help satisfying the growing demand of those products in North America and in other places around the world.